Liam – 9lbs 6oz

“My little Liam was born 9lbs 6oz all natural at home with no tears. I am only 4 ft 10in tall and have an average pre-pregnancy weight of 100lbs. It can be done!!! He is our first and was also posterior ♥ He was 11 days “late”. Hubby and I were both large babies and grew to be small adults lol. Hubby was 9lbs at birth and only 118lbs as a 5 ft 6in man. I was born 9lbs 6oz just like my son. I tested neg for GD and had a very healthy pregnancy and almost painless labor.”

One thought on “Liam – 9lbs 6oz

  1. This is the most reassuring thing I have read so far! I am also only 4ft 10in and am 3 months along. I have been fretting since I am so small. Thank you do much for helping me to put my worries to rest!!

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