Baby Boy – 10 lbs 13 oz


“This is my 10 lb 13 oz baby boy! He was my first, and they had no idea how big he was. I FINALLY pushed his head out after 3 & 1/2 hours of HARD pushing, and they told me to stop so he could turn. Only, when he turned only half his head was out. Yes, he was THAT big! They realized what was going on, and yelled at me to start pushing again…


He was what they call a “toothpaste delivery”. You know, when you have to push them out all the way through their feet. If you look close you can see the fat roll that went all the way around his neck, and his HUGE thighs. They did give me an episiotomy to get him out, but it was small, and I think they only had to do this b/c they didn’t have me on my feet so I never dilated fully. They told me afterwards that if they had known how big he was they would have c-sectioned me. I was so VERY thankful that they didn’t know!”


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