Miles – 9 lbs & Quinn – 8 lbs 14 oz

“My first was 9lbs even, 21.5 in long. It was a long, almost 17 hr labor at home, with almost 4hrs of pushing. I tried lots of different positions, in and out of the water. Ended up delivering him on our bed, as I was too relaxed (or tired out) by that point to get a good push in the water. I ended up with 2 tiny ‘skidmark’ tears, that my midwife said were ok and didn’t need stitches…

“My second child, Quinn, was 8lbs 14oz and 21 inches long. Her labor was much faster (maybe ’cause I knew a bit more this time around that I could welcome and allow the rushes to open me up), about 6 hrs total, with about 15 minutes of pushing. One tiny tear, again not requiring stitches. Delivered this little angel in water.”


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