James – 12 lbs 10 oz

photo (1)


“My fourth baby baby was born on the 18th January 2013. My other babies have all been big (9lbs, 9lbs 6.5 and 9lb 14) but nothing prepared us for baby James! After a 6 hr labor, ‘little’ James was born in the birth centre weighing 12lb 10oz! It was a natural vaginal birth and I only sustained a small graze that didn’t need stitches. Unfortunately he was not well due to pneumothorax and feeding issues. He was in special care for 16 days and two or three sizes bigger then all the other babies in there. He did not fit newborn diapers so they had to get bigger ones from the children’s ward.


Thanks for letting me submit my bib baby! He truly is a joy 🙂




Andrea F”


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