Want to share your story with the world?

Let’s keep the BIG BABY love going!  Send us a picture and weight of your BIG baby, vaginally born.  Any picture will do, pictures of babies on the scale or just newly born are preferred.

Feel free to include info about yourself and your baby’s birth; a link to your blog with more pictures and/or the birth story, birth videos, etc. Be sure sure sure to tell us if it was a VBAC!!  We will include only the first names of Mom, Dad, Baby or anyone mentioned in the submission.  We may edit grammatical errors.


We used to ask that the babies be 9 pounds or more, but because what is big is subjective, we’ve decided to do without that.  If your baby was BIG for you – there is a place for them here!

And – Because we often hear that women who are particularly short and/or thin are told they will need to have inductions or cesareans, we’ve added a category for them.  If you are a smaller Mom and had a vaginal birth, feel free to include your height/weight information.  See Smaller Moms on the categories page for those stories.

Email submissions to: or post on the BIG BABY PROJECT community page on Facebook.  Posting photos and links there, or sending info via email implies you understand and agree that I will include that information on this blog.


One thought on “PARTICIPATE

  1. 10# baby boy Quinn born 04/15/12 at 42 weeks. Born in love with two fabulous midwives, Grandma & Grandpa and big brother. Water baby delivered with Dad holding Mom. 15inch head…NO tearing. Credit hypnobirthing! He was brought into this world in peace, love and water. He is such a content, happy baby. We are blessed!

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